In the year of Corona

paintings 30x30 cm

2020 is a year we all will remember. The COVID-19 pandemic started. The recommended measures of social isolation give the best results in fighting the epidemic, and it brings changes in routines for us all.


As an artist, I work a lot on my own. There is no feeling of isolation during the daytime at work.I am still able to work with landscape paintings. And I can still paint on places where I can avoid people. But it is strange to avoid people in my spare time. 

A lot of small paintings is going on right now. They all have a kind of loneliness inside. Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation and lack of contact with people. That is the feeling I want to shine through in this paintings. What most of us miss during this pandemic is to hug friends and having a normal sosial life. That is my main reflection during this pandemic.